Template Updates

This topic describes how to update a LynX Office Template. Templates must be updated to get the latest functionality.

1. Click the LynX Office Tab in your Office application.


2. Click Check For Updates in the Maintenance group.


3. The template will check if any updates are available. This can take a few minutes. If there are new updates, you will see the following message.


4. Close the template and all instances of Excel. You will not be able to update the template if you have Excel open on your computer. Click Yes on the message to start the update. The update will launch the Microsoft Office Customization Installer shortly.


5. When the update finishes, click Close on the Microsoft Office Customization Installer.


6. Open the template. Click on the LynX Office Tab and verify that the version has been updated.



Template File Update

Some template changes require that you download the latest template file. For example, a new column or look up may have been added to the template and your template may not have these changes. The steps described above updates only programmatic changes. If your template is not compatible with the update you just received, you will see the following error message when you open the template.


To update your template file, request the latest template file from your administrator.

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