Template Installation


1. Install Aellius LynX Office before installing any template.

2. Obtain the LynX Office document (Excel or Word) from your administrator.


1. Create a folder on your local computer to store the template file.

2. Add the folder (created in the previous step) to your Trusted Locations in the Microsoft Excel. The following links describe how to do this for Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013:

Excel 2007: How to add a folder to your trusted location.

Excel 2010, 2013 & 2016: How to add a folder to your trusted location.

3. Place the LynX Office document (Excel or Word) in the trusted location folder.

4. Open the template file. The Microsoft Office Customization Installer will start. Click Install to start the install.Note: If the installation does not start, add this web site to the Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer. See Security zones: adding or removing websites for more information.


5. Click Close to close the install dialog box.


6. If the install succeeded, the customized document will open without any errors.



Note: You can rename or copy the template. If you move or copy the template to a different folder, you must add that folder to your Trusted Locations as described in Step 2.

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