LynX Business Integrator: Document Tracker 2.20 is now generally available

Aellius is pleased to announce the general availability of  LynX Document Tracker version 2.20, a component of LynX Business Integrator. Customers can download it from Software Downloads.

The following enhancements have been made in this version:


Support for IE 9.0+, Firefox 22.0+, Chrome 30.0+

  • Removed restriction of compatibility view in IE.



Open multiple tasks

In this release, there is no restriction on the number of tasks you can open. In a future release, this will be restricted to a configurable maximum number of tasks. Please note that opening multiple tasks will result in more resources consumed on the server (memory, cpu).

Grid Row Selection

  • Select grid rows with a single click (without having to check row selector check box)
  • Double a grid row to open the detail associated with the record (if applicable).
  • Removed restriction to unselect other rows.

Grid Context Menu

Right click a grid row to display its context menu (if applicable).


Grid Size

Grids re-size to browser's current size (subject to a minimum width and height)

Data Entry

  • You can specify dates (in your configured date format) without date separator (enter 110513 for 11/05/2013, for example).
  • Query values with * wild card: The query operator changes to LK (Like) when you specify a value with a * in it.


Document Detail

  • Document detail re-sizes to browser's current size (subject to a minimum width and height).
  • Tabs have been moved to the top.





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